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Meet our Extraordinary Authors


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Terri Amos-Britt
Terri Amos‐Britt is the author of The Enlightened Mom and Message Sent, and founder of, a global healing community where moms unite to heal the world. As a spiritual coach and inspirational speaker, Terri shares her experiences as a wife, mom, stepmom, widow, former Miss USA and television host, teaching moms tools to shift their lives from pain and suffering to peace, abundance, wholeness and joy. And as mom heals … the family heals … the world heals.

Tuck Self
Raised to be a perfect li’l southern belle, Tuck Self was “appropriate” at the expense of her own happiness. Her journey has been one of finding and reclaiming her authentic voice. As a soughtafter coach, self‐proclaimed personal growth enthusiast, and author of The REBEL‐UTION: A Woman’s Rebelicious Guide to Freedom, Liberation & Bold Self‐Expression, Tuck inspires her clients to live bold and love it!

Meet Tuck at

Shann Vander Leek
Unconventional, spirited and delightfully curious, Shann Vander Leek is a world‐class professional coach and the founder of True Balance Life Coaching. Shann inspires powerful women in transition to accelerate the creation of a life on their own terms, while creating more balance in their lives. She is the author of Life on Your Terms: The Support You Need to Follow Your Passion from InspirationalEntrepreneurs.

Visit Shann at and schedule a complimentary Accelerator Session!

Judy Ann Foster
Judy Ann Foster is the visionary founder of and Shared Vision Network. Since founding Women’s Wisdom in 1991 she has been a passionate advocate for empowering women in business and friendship by hosting and producing monthly networking events throughout California.  In 2010 expanded their live events to provide a global virtual community to encourage women to come together in support and collaboration.

Judy lives in San Diego with her husband Ken Foster, just four doors down from her two beautiful grandchildren; which are her greatest joy. Learn more about Judy and Women’s Wisdom at

Aimée Yawnick
Aimée Yawnick has been mentoring women to make personal growth and development a priority for almost 20 years—first in the Health and Fitness Industry, now as a Personal Coach and Mentor.

Aimée helps smart savvy women entrepreneurs overcome the mindset challenges that prevent them from being successful. By focusing on “first things first,” Aimee helps her clients build and strengthen the most powerful tool they have: their relationship with themselves. If you want to make more money and attract more clients, make no mistake: it has to start with

Find Aimée at

Laurie McAnaugh, M.Ed
Laurie McAnaugh, M.Ed. is an experienced teacher, coach and leader. Her mission is to help people look at the situations and relationships in their lives from a healthier viewpoint, while using this new perspective of power to grow and positively influence others. She is the founder of Access Your Power ( and she achieves her mission through working privately with clients, leading workshops, and speaking to groups nationwide.

Ellie Bassick-Trovato
Overcoming her lifelong struggle with weight and depression in the wake of her husband's and father's deaths, Ellie Bassick-Trovato, now an inspirational speaker and author, has learned that life is only -- and exactly -- what we make of it. 

Find out more about Ellie's wellness center, Uplifting Connections, at and learn more about how she can help you live a happier, healthier life at or

Amy O'Connor
Amy O'Connor is a Certified Life and Relationship coach who helps individuals and couples develop confident and fulfilling relationships. Trained through the Relational Life Institute in Couples’ Therapy, and with a BA in Psychology, Amy also draws from her own experiences in her sixteen years of marriage to create an approach which is straightforward, refreshing, and empowering.

Amy is the founder of Healthy Heart/Healthy Mind (a brisk walking and talking coaching model
for individuals) and Your Healthy Relationship ( She works privately with couples and individuals in person or via telephone.

Cynthia deWet
Cynthia deWet is the owner of Adora Wise and co‐owner of the Quantum Healing Institute. After 19 years in alternative medicine and over 15 years of extensive study, Cindi will soon receive her PhD in Naturopathy and Metaphysical Sciences. She has also earned numerous certifications in a wide variety of wellness principles. Cindi’s passion is working with women and families. She loves to help families get out of the “stress cycle” and thrive!

Visit Cindi at or

Sadhana Genevieve Kohn
Sadhana Genevieve Kohn is a life/wellness coach, energy healer, and the owner of Triad Wellness in Medway, Massachusetts. She is also the creator of Healers’ Network ( and conducts workshops around New England.

Sadhana lives a juicy, joyful life in suburban Boston with her husband and two young sons. Download her Free Report at or connect by e‐mail at

Coach Louise Rouse, CPPC
Coach Louise Rouse, CPPC, is one of today’s leading authorities on the subject of Invisible Relationships. She is recognized for her groundbreaking work in conscious thought busting (
and for helping people change their life through changing their thoughts. She is an intuitive visionary coach, speaker, and author, whose views are in high demand. Coach Louise is passionate about guiding others toward a life of joy.

For a free audio on the fourteen angels, visit

Lynnet McKenzie
Lynnet McKenzie is known as the Empress of Ecstasy. She is a master at locating and clearing the crud that blocks the ecstasy of the soul. She’s an intuitive healer, divine channel, body story expert, ecstasy coach, and single mom. Her passion is to empower others to live their passion.
She leads workshops and virtual group coaching and hosts a weekly radio show, Opening to
Ecstasy, on the Transformation Network.

Learn more at

Dianne C. Nassr
Dianne C. Nassr is the Director of the Dianne C. Nassr Healing Arts Center located in Fall River,
Massachusetts. She opened her agency after alternative energy healing techniques helped her
heal from a two‐year battle with Lyme Disease. She is a trained Thetahealing Instructor, a Reiki Master, and a Practitioner in Yuen Energetics, Matrix Energetics, and Reference Point Therapy. For more information regarding Dianne and Healing Arts techniques, please visit

Sue Landis
Sue Landis created the Live Bold Project to inspire women to experience a deeper level of authenticity by being accountable to their dreams. She also has a breakthrough program to help women achieve their health goals, contributing to an amazing improvement in their vitality and energy. Sue is also a motivational speaker, and successful real estate broker in Carlsbad, California where she lives with her husband Steve and daughter Sophie.

Meet Sue at

Judy Aleman
Judy Aleman, founder of Soar Beyond Limits, mentors and coaches success‐minded women to create greater joy and ease in their lives. Using her Sublime Simplicity process, clients clarify and design a life that fully connects them to their values, passions and vision. A certified professional coach, Judy works with women throughout the nation and offers potential clients a complimentary consultation to explore the coaching partnership. Clients describe Judy as compassionate, insightful, forthright, and committed to their wellbeing and success.

For more information visit or email




Juanita Bobbitt
Juanita Crawford Bobbitt is a writer. She is also a licensed real estate broker, and enjoyed a distinguished career as a senior officer with the United Nations and has served as a development management consultant. Juanita is a leader in her community, serving on various professional and community service committees, particularly focused upon the empowerment of women and children worldwide.

An author of numerous documents on development management, she is currently writing her first work of fiction aimed at inspiring readers to learn about and appreciate their heritage.

Donna Cravotta
Donna Cravotta owns Virtual Management Concepts, LLC, offering authors and solo and small businesses assistance with online marketing, social media management, author support, and PR services. Donna and her son Matthew live in the suburbs north of New York City.

Find out more about Donna at

Joy Earle
Joy Earle is a women’s conference speaker and gifted vocalist. She lives her passion by sharing her stories of life’s greatest joys and frustrations, calling them “Joy Stories.” After reading her blog or hearing her speak, you’ll understand why others say she is “so real!” Joy and her husband Jeff traveled for twenty years sharing life lessons on marriage and family; now, she is living a juicy, joyful life investing in women’s groups all over the country.

Learn more about Joy at

Caia Martin
Caia Martin is a laughter yoga instructor, EFT® practitioner, life coach, mother and friend. She is also the owner of Élan Health and Wellness, a resource center for women designed to inspire living a healthy, well balanced life, and the author of Dream It. Live It! — an introspective workbook developed to help anyone uncover their passion and purpose.

Find out how you can live your most abundant life at or contact Caia at

Rosanne Masone
An avid SCUBA diver, underwater photographer, and snow skier, Rosanne is the founder and CEO of Giant Strides LLC, a company promoting personal empowerment through positive living and life coaching. Author of Chasing the Shark: A Journey from Fear to Freedom, she is a former Fortune 500 company corporate director and law firm office manager, and is listed in Metropolitan Who’s Who. She is also a licensed real estate agent and an Herbalife International Wellness Coach.

You can find Rosanne on the web at, or contact her at

Sue McPhee, C/LMT, RMT
Sue McPhee, C/LMT, RMT, has been practicing in the intuitive and healing arts for over twenty‐five years.  Four of those years were spent in NYC ghettos treating multiply‐handicapped and underprivileged infants and children. A highlight of those years included a fifteen‐day medical mission to Romania to teach infant massage in the heart‐wrenching orphanages and poorly‐funded hospitals. Following this journey, she vowed to “never whimper and complain; never snub a simple meal or a humble conversation.” 

Visit Sue’s web site at

Kate Michels
Kate Michels, Core Alignment Specialist, internationally recognized, facilitator, instructor, Making Miracles Bonding Before Birth Coach,   Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Parent Coach, Dream Coach Group Leader, Life Blueprint Specialist, Head Coach Trainer for SetWeight4life, motivational speaker, best selling author, Centerpointes LPIP answer woman, wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend.    

Through years of practical experience with life and clients ranging from babies to people in prison for murder the reality of how important stories are has created the importance for Making Miracle Coaching.  

Visit to learn more.

RosaLinda Mueller
RosaLinda Mueller is the Founder of 7Kairos, a real estate investment company involved in the CHOP (Community Home Ownership Program) which allows low-income earners to regain property ownership. Her dream is to convert residences into non-profit homes designed for transitional living, houses of refuge or spiritual retreats. When she’s not preparing home-comings for her seven children, RosaLinda manages her husband’s law office in Southern California. She is an alumna of the University of California at Berkeley.

Connect with Rose on Twitter @7Kairos or RosieMueller on Facebook. She can also be reached at


Amy O’Brien
Amy Beth O’Brien is the author of Stuck with Mr. Wrong? Ten Steps to Starring in your own Life
Story and Stitches. She is the founder of the Star in your own Life Story with Amy Beth O’Brien
web site and blog. She is an author and speaker and holds an M.S. from the Lesley College School of Management. Amy and her two sons live in Wrentham, Massachusetts.

Find Amy at, on Twitter @amybethobrien, and by e‐mail at

Nancy Olsen 
Motivated by her own ‘wake-up’ call, Nancy Olsen realized that the ultimate pursuit of happiness didn’t start from a tape or a book, but the person looking back in the mirror.  Nancy inspires you to take inventory of your life, and begin accentuating the aspects that bring joy and happiness.  Don’t just exist day to day….. ‘Let It Feel Exhilarating’!  You can learn more at or


Margery Phelps
After her mother was killed by proper use of prescription drugs, Margery Phelps made health and wellness education her personal mission.  As director of publications for nutriceutical companies, Margery wrote and lectured on nutrition and supplements, created twenty-four cartoon characters to teach children about health through her company Glow Kids, and is currently pursuing a career in health coaching while working on her fourth book, The Mending Map.

Find Margery at, and at

Rev. Nina Roe
The Rev. Nina Roe is the Founder of She discovered her life mission in her 40s: to mentor and teach inspired souls how to connect with their angels and reclaim the magic of everyday life.

For information about online classes, readings and the Living with the Angels™ membership program, visit

Heidi Reagan
Heidi is a CTA certified personal coach, facilitator, and the CEO of Wake Up Women BE (   Spiritual growth and studies have been her passion and her life purpose is to live with strength and clarity, while being spiritually connected and to help others do the same.  Heidi is also the founder and creative mind behind Establish Balance Intention Jewelry, a unique jewelry line that originated out of a desire to remind herself, and her teenage daughter, of their own personal worth.

You can reach Heidi at

Bonnie Ross Parker 
Bonnie Ross‐Parker, a multi‐dimensional entrepreneur, is a speaker/author and CEO/Founder of a nationally recognized customer acquisition/marketing program called The Joy of Connecting®. Her books include: Walk in My Boots—The Joy of Connecting, Y.O.U.—Set A High Standard for Being Human and 42 Rules for Effective Connections.

Currently, Bonnie combines her energy and 27+ years of networking experience together to support female entrepreneurs/professionals and business women.

Learn more at: & or email her at

Dianna Sandora
Dianna Sandora is a fun, fresh and fabulous freelance writer and blogger, with two blogs that you can find at   As president, for one year, and Toastmaster member, she discovered her passion for public speaking. For 3 ½ years she was a motivational teacher and speaker for an adult business class.  Her participation in this book will launch her motivational speaking and writing business.  

Get your free report "5 Ways to Reclaim Your Destiny" by sending an email to:

Kathleen Sims
A Self‐made success through a lifetime of deep and sincere inquiry and rich experiences, Kathleen E. Sims, C.H.T.,C.R.C., has emerged as one of the leaders in the field of Love, Purpose and Creating a ‘Juicy’ Life.  She is a Co‐Author of the best‐selling books Wake Up Women—BE Happy, Healthy & Wealthy and Wake Up—Moments of Inspiration, as well as a motivational speaker, Love and Spiritual Life Coach, Trainer, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. She is committed to helping others live juicy, purposeful lives filled with abiding love.

Kathleen can be reached at: 925 674‐9003. For a Free SoulMate Consultation with Kathleen, go
to You can also check out her other site:

Simran Singh
Simran Singh—a Visionary, Life Coach, 11:11 Talk Radio Host, 11:11 Magazine Publisher, and Founder of BelieveSC and C.H.O.I.C.E. Alliance—establishes creative vehicles promoting personal growth, healing and empowerment. Simran supports individuals in realizing authentic personal expression by tapping inherent power and potential via self‐inquiry and conscious choice.

You can find Simran at these web sites:   Believe… Choices for Conscious Living:
11:11 Magazine—Devoted to the Journey of the Soul:
11:11 Talk Radio: C.H.O.I.C.E. Alliance:

Suzy Spivey
Suzy Spivey wants YOU to live your dreams and create a purpose-full life!  As a Certified Coach, Speaker, and TV Host/Producer of Daring to Dream™, Suzy radiates passion, creativity, and contagious enthusiasm.  Drawing from the deep well of wisdom actualized through her own life journey, Suzy facilitates change for those in transition, considering a mid-life re-design, or seeking more meaning in life. 

Visit for more information or contact Suzy at to get started today,

Tara Sage Steeves
Tara Sage Steeves is a sought-after Dream Realization Coach, author of Are You Pregnant With a Dream? Guidebook to Birthing a Dream: Conception to Age 5, and the innovative founder of The Dream Party®.  Tara and her company, Create Your Life!, delight in supporting the creative, and sometimes intimidating, process of identifying, nurturing, and manifesting the life of your dreams.

Learn more at

Kris Steinnes
Kris Steinnes is the Founder of Women of Wisdom Foundation and the Women of Wisdom Conference, created in 1993 in Seattle, WA. To manage this organization, Kris created a circle leadership model, which focuses on shared leadership and rotating responsibilities. She is the author of the best‐selling, award‐winning book Women of Wisdom, Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women. Kris is a spiritual leader and teacher of Vibrational Psychology, meditation, healing and manifesting courses. 

To learn more visit and

Amy Thoreson
Amy has a passion to help others see the greatness in themselves. She has written her story to inspire readers to be their best. She is a successful distributor for SendOutCards, has spoken in front of local groups on listening to their inner voice and has her biography and self- help inspirational book, Blessings in Disguise being released the Fall of 2010. Follow Amy on her blog at:   Visit her website:

Lisa Reina‐Frommer
Lisa Reina‐Frommer has studied Western, Vedic, and Egyptian Astrology. She is a professional Astrologer, Tarot reader, and instructor based in San Diego, California. She conducts readings in person and on the internet at  She is also a writer: some of her works can be found at

Kati Verburg
Kati Verburg is a freelance writer located in Portland, Oregon, often writing about subjects related to self-esteem. Recognizing that her related challenges were not necessarily unique to her, she founded Truly B, a media campaign advocating a positive sense of self-worth in women. Kati is dedicated to spreading messages that inspire an awareness of self-talk, personal responsibility, the importance of choice, and all that is beautiful, brilliant, bountiful, benevolent, brave, and boundless about us!

Visit Truly B at

Crystal Willms
Crystal Willms, Certified Power Coach® and professional speaker, has been active in the brain injury field since 2002. Her goal is to travel internationally, informing the medical community about the impact of brain injury on the injured person’s environment, and to help caregivers and other individuals indirectly affected by brain injury create ways to adjust. With high energy and influence, she continues to provide whole‐life coaching to clients with complex cases, including survivors of mild to severe brain injury and their support network.

Learn more at

Amethyst Wyldfyre
Amethyst Wyldfyre is known as the Torch of Transformation. She provides Energy Mastery Coaching to evolving entrepreneurs and is a multi‐talented and award‐winning speaker, author, performer, artist, and alternative healer. Her international clientele includes the leading conscious entrepreneurs of our time. Ms. Wyldfyre has been interviewed on a multitude of radio and TV programs and hosts her own radio show, “Blazing Forth the Light,” which features world changers on the leading edge of creating the New Earth. 

You are invited to receive more information and gifts from Amethyst at

Debbie Wysocki
Debbie Wysocki is the owner of Women with Dreams, a company that empowers the average woman to create a live she loves by teaching her how to build a profitable business in the network marketing arena.  Debbie is a wife, mom, volunteer, a wellness educator, real estate investor, author, trainer, a top producer in the MLM industry, and former Beverly Hills financial analyst who is passionate about helping others succeed.  Her motto is ‘How you do anything, is how you do everything!’ 

Meet Debbie at

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